Life is not about finding yourself Life is about Creating yourself

Linda offers a wide range of connective experiences designed to touch the inner wisdom and discover your purpose by embracing your unique strengths and using them as a foundation of self-empowerment, knowledge, and a balanced quality of life.

Let’s clarify your most important goals and discover where you stand now and where you want to go. Embracing positive change empowers and balances your business and personal life.

“It is not easy to look inward, listen to yourself, realize your true strengths and act upon them in order to create a new career path. I did that with the exceptional guidance and motivation from Linda Sollars. Linda provided me with tools to discover ‘my why’ and uncover a path where I tap into my strengths and passions daily. If it weren’t for Linda and those insightful conversations we had, who knows if I would have realized all that I have to offer, professionally and personally. I am running a successful storytelling business where I recognize and share how individuals and organizations are using their strengths to make a profound and lasting impact on our community. Thanks Linda!”

Kyle Dyer
Principal, Storyteller, Video Producer, Generative Journalist, Kyle Dyer Storytelling