I provide a safe space to explore your individual strengths and values
with intent as a strong support to move forward successfully.

I take my role as your coach very seriously. My clients are my peers;
successful, intelligent, self-aware, and always know what is best for them.

I listen, reflect, ask questions, and provide perspective and options
to empower success and recognize passion.

Strengths, skills, motivation and purpose are the 4 areas of career transition
that create specific and quantifiable steps toward significant growth and career satisfaction.

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“I was referred to Linda at a time when I was searching. I had worked with other coaches and completed assessments but I wasn’t fulfilled. I was successful in my previous positions, but I knew there was something inside yet to be expressed professionally. Linda has a system that works. Right up front she says, “I want to know you forever, but I don’t want you to be a client forever.” After following her guidance, completing my work, and 4 sessions I could clearly articulate what I was looking for with a job framework to socialize. About the same time I connected with a CEO and had a few minutes to tell her what I was looking for. I was prepared and it resulted in a career that I am excited about. Linda made herself available from the beginning all the way through salary negotiation. I am so appreciative of who you are, Linda.”

Julie Seltz
Principal, Prosono