We carry the seeds of greatness: the
magic of creativity, the depth of courage,
and the power of authenticity.

Our purpose is to nurture these unique
strengths as our personal passion.

Life is about growing, inside and out;
then climbing into our success, being
completely in the moment and
celebrating our wonderful quality
of life!
GCDF Training - September, 2016

Customized training for those in all phases of career development
 - 5 assessments
 - 3 best sellers in career development
 - Hybrid training (3 days in class, remainder online)
 - Strengths-based development

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"As a professional career counselor myself, I found it ironic that I was having such a difficult time finding

employment. I contacted Linda Sollars of Creating Purpose after hearing her presentation at a

Colorado Career Development Association conference, and within three weeks of our first session I received a job offer.

Linda is phenomenal—I have been counseling individuals for more than ten years but was humbled by her.

She listened to my job search history, my professional background, and my interests, and helped me clarify the next steps.

With Linda’s guidance I was able to cut through the clutter and refocus my job search."

 Catherine Swearingin, JD - Career Counselor, University of Denver Career Center


"Linda Sollars is a truly exceptional person who fully embodies her values in her vocation. Linda is intelligent yet

sensitive, intuitive, and business-savvy. She is someone who is able to think "out of the box" and help others

to see options and paths that might have been obscured. Linda's passion to help others find their way and live a

life full of purposeis infused in the work she does every day.”

 Melanie Brooks, Access Colorado Program


"Linda is a remarkable coach - she is personable, high integrity, person who seems to bring creativity and purpose to the

surface in others. She has helped me focus, refine, and meet goals. Do I recommend Linda to others? Without question!"

-Greg Wertsch, President & CEO | The Clandestine Chef, Inc. | www.clandestinechef.com | 303-956-COOK

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